Knowledge transfer in the field of Industry 4.0: An exchange of Turkish and German experiences

Progressive digitalisation is also leading to fundamental changes in the area of industrial production. This becomes particularly clear with regard to the increasing networking of machines and processes, which is also referred to as the fourth industrial revolution ("Industry 4.0").

The use of intelligent machines and systems as well as the flexibilisation of production processes offer companies great opportunities. However, the associated transformation process also presents companies with challenges, some of which are not insignificant. Precisely tailored advisory and support services are therefore of great importance.

How can the knowledge transfer between the various actors in the field of Industrie 4.0 be improved? Where can companies get support for the digitalisation of their production processes? What already works well and where is there still a need for optimisation? And what can Germany and Turkey learn from each other in this area?

We, TÜSIAD and BDI, want to discuss these guiding questions in our webinar with stakeholders from business, science and research from both countries.

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Etkinlik Tarihi / Event Date 02-12-2021, Perşembe, 16:00
Etkinlik Bitiş / Event end Date 02-12-2021, Perşembe, 17:30
Yer / Location ONLINE
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