The Earthquake in Türkiye and Technologies to Mitigate Disaster

The Board of Directors of TÜSİAD, as part of their visit to Silicon Valley, is organizing a panel discussion on cutting edge methods to prevent and mitigate the hazardous effects of natural disasters, especially as they relate to high-density urban areas. The conference is co-sponsored by The Program on Turkey at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University. Prof. Ellsworth will address questions about earthquake risk reduction, specifically through the transfer of scientific understanding of the hazard to people, businesses, and policymakers. Prof. Deierlein will focus on his research on engineering techniques aimed at reducing the harmful effects of earthquakes. Ayşe Hortacsu will elaborate on the work done at the Applied Technology Council to better our preparedness and response to such disasters. Finally, Ahmad Wani will talk on the work his company One Concern does to enhance the responses following natural disasters. Members of the TÜSİAD Silicon Valley Network will have an opportunity to ask questions and to engage with the visiting TÜSİAD delegation following the conference.


Opening Remarks by

Orhan Turan
President of TÜSİAD

Ayşegül İldeniz
Chair of TÜSİAD Silicon Valley Network


William Ellsworth
Professor at the Stanford University Department of Geophysics

Greg Deierlein
Professor at the Stanford University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ayşe Hortacsu
Director of Projects at the Applied Technology Council

Ahmad Wani
CEO & Co-Founder of One Concern


March 20, 2023, 5:30 pm
Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center, Fisher Conference Center & McColl Plaza, Lane/Lyons/Lodato Room, 326 Galvez St, Stanford, CA 94305

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Etkinlik Tarihi / Event Date 20-03-2023, Pazartesi, 17:30
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Yer / Location USA
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